Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Birthday

15 years ago, at this hour I was just got my new title ‘Mak’. My first child was born at 2.34 am on 26 August 1994. At this hour also I was still sleeping soundly after a few hours in labour.

I got married in November 1993 and about one month after that I was confirmed pregnant. I can still remember that on that particular day, I went to the company’s panel clinic to ask the doctor on how to not to get pregnant so soon. The lady doctor- on- duty advice me on the how to. But she also asked me to do the urine test at the same time. So that she can plan something for me. Fortunately, when the urine test result was out, it was positive and I was 4 weeks pregnant. I was quite surprised because I didn’t expect to get pregnant so soon. But as a Muslim I take it as rezeki. It was an easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no nausea, no vomiting and I was very healthy. But my appetite was really good. I had 2 roti canai for breakfast everyday. Memang berselera.

At that time we were residing in USJ Subang in a 2-room flat. My sister, Adik was also staying with me as she was completing her Degree in I*M. My husband was working with a plantation company and always outstation and I was working in a haulier company in Jalan Klang Lama. When hubby was not around I will take bus to work. That was our life…as we were just gotten married and we have to start everything from scratch. Buying our own gas cooker, cutleries, household items etc. Our salary were just enough to cover the expenses till the next salary…no savings. It was quite hard but we survived.

The regular check-ups were done at S*MC under the company’s expense. Sometimes we had to wait for about 2 hours plus when Dr S**i had patients in labour.
Buying items for the baby was a funny experience… At first I had no idea on how to plan for the purchase. I had to ask from friends and relatives. Takut nak beli… if terlebih or terkurang. The confusing part is there were various views from the older and younger generation. Fening… In the end we just bought a few pairs of the baju and seluar, booties and mittens… but Alhamdulillah we got a lot more as gifts from family and friends.

When I was 8-month pregnant I went for a job interview at C**com Academy. My senior at work asked me not to go as she told me that that company won’t take me as I was pregnant. They wouldn’t want to wait till I delivered. But I just go and tried my luck. At that time that particular Academy was just set up and they need an HR people. After about one hour interview, they accepted me but I told them I can only join after my confinement period is over. That was the child’s rezeki…I got a new job waiting for me and a better offer.

On 25 August I went for my regular check-ups with hubby. That was on Thursday. So many people queuing. Kena tunggu for about 2 hours. So we went downstairs for drinks. When the doctor checked there were some blood stains. She asked me to get myself admitted in the afternoon. So we went home, prepare things to bring to the hospital. Informed my sister at home and in kampung. Hubby called my parents-in-law. At that time we do not have the handphones like today, so we only relied on house phone.

At about 2.30 pm we went to the hospital. Admitted to the ward. At about 4.30 pm, I can feel the mild contraction. I told the nurse and she did the necessary and wheeled me to the labour room. The nurse called the doctor i.e. Dr H*ris as Dr S**i was on vacation. By 9.30 pm I could feel the contraction was like every 15 minutes and dah dilated about 7 cm. At 11.00 pm, I was fully dilated and ready to push…push….push…tak boleh keluar…. Dr H*ris came and asked me to push….”Come on push….I can see the head”. Push lagi tapi tak boleh keluar gak. So Dr H*aris used the vacuumed. After trying to vacuum for 7 times, nothing came out. So he decided to perfrom emergency cesaerian….Duh….tension…Signed the form and off we go to the OT… I was on full GA and all I can remember, I was wheeled to the ward….haven’t seen the baby. When I was half awake, I asked hubby whether the baby is OK….my first question was cukup sifat or not….Alhamdulillah…semua OK. Her weight was 3.52 kg and 51 cm long.

We named the baby Noor ‘Atikah Hanani….. When she was a baby she was very easy to care. Very chubby, very fair, berketu-ketul. Easy-going and tak takut orang… Well-loved by everybody in the family.

1 year old

1-year old 'Atikah with Ayah

7-year old 'Atikah & 'Arfah

A few weeks before turning 15

Now as a teenage, we hope her will do her best as a student, as a servant of Allah, as a child and a Malaysian. Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah dunia dan akhirat. Refrain yourself from mingling with people with bad influence, focus on your study first…. Other things come later.

Happy Birthday ‘Atikah…. We love unconditionally....

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  1. Happy Birthday Atikah! Masa kat USJ tu, when Mak would be home a little bit late, Ucu will pick you up from the babysitter and along the way home people will stop by esp chinese and cubit pipi awak yang tembam tu! You were like a few months old, sblm pindah AJ...