Monday, August 10, 2009


The above should be read as UPDATES…lama sekali nggak update blog ni..been quite busy ngan entah apa-apa…malas nak on computer…in point form la ye:


Cuti sekolah anak-anak were from 20 June till 21 July 2009. That was the end of their Term 2. We did not plan to go tempat yang jauh-jauh sebab cuti dah save untuk balik ke Malaysia for Raya. Start cuti sekolah was 20 June and it was Arfah’s birthday…so buat kek and celebrated her birthday at home..potong kek je tak de ambus-ambus lilin. 1st weekend tu we went to Taman Wisata Mekarsari at Jalan Cileungsi – Bogor. It was about 45 minutes drive from Jakarta. Tempat ni adalah taman pertanian yang dipenuhi dengan pokok buah-buahan…Macam-macam ada. Antara buah-buahan yang tak pernah kami jumpa ialah buah kecapi, jari Buddha, sawo durian(kita sebut ciku), . We took the in-house tour package which costs us Rp50,000 per person. Semua yang ambik tour package akan naik tram-like vehicle. The tour took us to kebun buah-buahan ni…Mula-mula kami melawat kebun honey dew. Ada yang warna hijau and kuning. Ada yang bulat, ada yang 4 segi. Then ke kebun buah salak..kat sini kami melawat ke kebunnya and dapat satu pek buah salah setiap orang.

Lepas tu kami ke kebun belimbing…kebun belimbing ni agak luas. Cuaca agak panas so taklah masuk ke kebun tu. Lepak je lah kat tempat-tempat duduk yang disediakan. Kat sini pun dapat buah belimbing…Tour ni mengambil masa lebih kurang 1 jam. Dah habis melawat kebun-kebun tu kami di bawa ke tepi tasik yang ada gerai makanan, mainan outdoor i.e. flying fox, play ground dan lain-lain. Then kami pun beratur untuk naik tram balik to the station yang mula-mula tadi. Then Hariz & Adlina pun nak main mainan yang ada kat situ…Layan jelah.


Pilihanraya (Pemilu 2009) was held on 8 July 2009. Since it was a public holiday we took the opportunity to spend the day at Bumbu Desa, Jalanraya Sukabumi – Bogor. About 1 hour hour drive from Jakarta. We reached the place around 11.00 am. There were 7 families altogether. Sampai terus lunch then aktiviti memancing. The kids were excited sebab dapat experience memancing. Tapi nasib tak berapa baik hari tu tak ramai yang dapat ikan. We also celebrated birthday party for 5-year old Irfan (Azian’s son). After cake cutting, ada games for the kids. We stayed there until Maghrib. Balik terus mandi and masak instant noodle sebab tak la lapar sangat but need something to eat.


My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit us on 11 July...They came her on Saturday. Touched down at Bandara Soekarno Hatta at about 11.00 am. Fetched them and head for lunch at Boplo Gado-gado at Jakarta Pusat. After makan we all balik ke rumah and lepak till petang. Petang ke ITC Fatmawati which is very near to our house. Ronda-ronda and beli barang sikit we all balik. After Maghrib we went to Rozee's house in Pondok Indah. Rozee is also from Banting and hubby's & Fidah's mengaji friend. Never met her in KL or Banting but met her here instead. I got to know when I attended one of the Pengajian sessions organised by Malaysian ladies here. Since then we are friends...The dinner was sate and yummy pasta goreng...makan-makan and borak-borak, we left her house at about 10.30 pm.

The next we brought Mak and Fidah for a shopping spree at Tanah Abang. Spent the whole day there and ITC Kuningan. Had dinner at Restoran Sederhana Nasi Padang @ Jalan Fatmawati. Reached home at 9.30 pm.

On Monday we went to Bandung as Fidah need to find some other things for the families. We went to Rumah Mode, Heritage factory outlets and Jalan Cibaduyut where hubby bought a pair of leather shoes at a very reasonable price. On the way back we stop by at Bekasi for dinner. Had Sundanese food in which the fried chicken is so sedap...

The next day we went to Tanah Abang as Fidah need to find some more things for the nephews and nieces...On Wednesday we headed for Bandara after lunch as their flight was at 2.50 pm. It was a short visit where they plan to come again just for sightseeing...


My friend for 22 years Iza came with her family on 23 July. We were first know each other on our first day at II*M Matriculation Centre way back in 1987. Since then we were good friends eventhough she took up Law and me BBA. After graduated in 1992, we shared room in our rented house in Kg Baru with another 5 of our good friends (quorum). She married her campus sweetheart Z**i and settled down in Subang Jaya and working in U*M.

She came for a shopping spree…Tak taulah apa dia nak shopping lagi. She was also in Jakarta from 2005 – 2007 following her husband on job transfer. Manage to meet up with her when Yaya suggested that we spent that particular weekend at Bumbu Desa again. This time only 4 families were able to join the trip. Those were Iza, Yaya, Zizie and me. We left Jakarta around 11.00 am and only reached Bumbu Desa at about 1.00 pm. There were a bad traffic jammed from the about 6 kilometres before the slip road into Bumbu Desa…aduss tension, tension. Sampai je terus makan and fortunately Yaya has ordered the food while we stuck in the jam. Kalau tak sure kebuluran nak menunggu food sampai.

After makan, apa lagi aktiviti memancing la…We were lucky this time…banyak dapat ikan. In total we got 10 kgs of ikan emas. We divide the catch into 3 and brought them back. In between, the children enjoyed their flying fox acitivity. Hariz pun tak lepas peluang this time after watching Aqil (Zizie’s son) succeeded in his flying fox attempt. Naik sampai 2 kali…Dia suka betul. Adlina apa lagi….The emak-emak bersembang la….lama tak jumpa…
Iza flew back last Wednesday after spending 2 weeks here and has gone as far as Jogjakarta.


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  2. boleh la kito poi taun dopan kalau ado kek situ laie....tunggu MAS buek travel fare dulu la yo.