Friday, September 4, 2009


On Wednesday, as usual I went to Ain*n’s house at Pondok Indah for the weekly Pengajian session. It finished at 12.30 pm. On the way home, make a pit stop at Hero Supermarket Terogong to buy banana leaves and some groceries. Planned to make ‘tepung pelita’ for Iftar. Upon reaching home, settled things up and took out the frozen kue teow and curry puffs. Nai came to pick the ‘air kapur’ for her dried cuttlefish. Then I went to the kitchen to make the little basket from banana leaves for the ‘tepung pelita’. Susah jugak nak buat…after some trials and errors, jadi la bakul tu…

While leka melipat the bakul, suddenly I felt dizzy and the surrounding macam bergoyang…ingatkan pitam…I hold the kitchen table top tightly…takut jatuh…adalah dalam 30 saat dalam keadaan tu…It was about 2.55 pm. Then I asked my helper whether they felt the same…I do not know what actually happened. They said they felt the same thing. Then I saw the water in the swimming pool dah macam ombak kat laut…siap boleh terkeluar air tu dari pool cause of the kocakan. Then I know IT IS earthquake…

I called hubby’s mobile phone. First call….unanswered…dah suspen… Fortunately, 5 minutes after that he called…Dia kata memang earthquake…semua yang ada kat office kena turun to the ground level via emergency staircase. I asked him to come back…mana la tau kang apa-apa jadi. But cannot come back sebab semua barang kat atas…in the office…and jalan semua macet total (jammed…stagnant)

When I watched in the TV, the earthquake is quite bad…7.3 Skala Richter…nasib baik tak jadi tsunami…Pusat gempa is 124 km off the coast Tasik Malaya. Tasik Malaya is about 2 and a half hours drive from Jakarta. Suspen… Anak-anak kat sekolah pun rasa and they were evacuated to the school’s field and playground.

In today’s news, the death toll dah 59 orang… yang rumah rosak and kena pindahkan dah about 5,000 plus. In Cianjur, after effect of the earthquake is the landslide…banyak rumah yang tertimbus…warga kampung tu kena pindah. The quake is felt sampai ke Bali. Read more kat sini:

Alhamdulillah we are ok…as well as other Malaysians kat sini….belum dengar any casualties of any Malaysians. Hopefully tak de jadi apa-apa. Na’uzubillah…Dugaan Allah di bulan Ramadhan yang penuh berkah.

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