Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cleaning Glass Surface

Many moons ago, I watched a program in KBS World channel, 'Star King'. This program is aired on weekly basis but I usually watched its rerun on Mondays at 12.40 pm where it gives me ample time to finish my household chores;-) and another rerun is on Saturdays at 3.25 pm.

Among the segments in 'Star King' is a segment called 'Please Make Me Famous' where outstanding talents among Koreans present what they are good at. Each week one person/a group will give their best performance. Then that person/group will compete with the previous week's winner. The audiences at the studio will vote for their favourite talent. Each weekly winner is given a medal. It is quite interesting to see so many outstanding talent especially among children, teenagers and adults. (How I wish if we could have it in Malaysia)

Then comes the segment which portrays things people do that gives benefits to others. That particular week, there were these 2 housewives which taught the audiences on how to simplify the household chores using more or less recycle items. Among others that they showed are:

  • Cleaning glass surface: I usually use damped newspaper to clean my glass window or table. But this lady use hair conditioner to clean those glasses. You just have to squeeze small amount of hair conditioner (it doesn't matter whether it is expired or not) on a clean cloth (either dry or damp is ok) and wipe any glass surface with it (glass window, table, mirror etc). Then just wipe it with another clean side of cloth. It does wonders.
  • Tidying blankets, non-quilted bed sheet and pillow covers: just fold those according to the size of your pillow cover and insert them into the pillow cover. So that you will solve the problem of missing pillow covers which belongs to the matched blankets and bed sheet.
Another segment is a program which similar to TV3's 'Bersamamu' but this program is not aiming to collect fund. It is more to show how the sufferer of certain illnesses overcome their obstacles to gain better health through things that they like to do. Some of them sing classical Italian at an outstanding soprano voice, being an amateur magician, a deaf male teenager dancing superb tango with his female classmate etc. It surely gives inspiration to those in the same predicament to be more positive in facing their illnesses. 

As a Muslim, we believe that we can do anything if we really put a lot of effort with full submission to Allah. Where there's a will, there's a way...."Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan".

Have a great weekend and 'happy school holidays'.

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