Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.09.'09 @ 9.00 am

Today, 9 September 2009 is Adlina’s 7th birthday. She has been pestering us to celebrate her birthday like her other friends. Adoi! Mak & Ayah tak cukup modal la nak celebrate like your other friends. Dah macam culture kat sini celebrate birthday kat entertainment centre such as Kidszone, Kidzania, Lollipop, Playground 72 etc. Holding a party kat tempat-tempat cam ni memerlukan modal JUTAAN Rupiah… Nasib baik sekarang bulan puasa, so we have a strong reason not to hold such party.

Adlina is our third child. I actually had miscarriage before having her. At that time I was 3-month pregnant. Atikah and Arfah was so happy because both of them dah 7 and 4 years respectively. They were eagerly waiting for the baby. Trip to the gynae dah jadi family event and all of us will go. So on that particular night we went to Dr D***ila clinic at Subang Jaya for my monthly check-up. When she was doing the scanning, I sensed something was wrong as she took longer time than usual to display to me the screen. Then she told me that there was no heartbeat. I was a bit surprised sebab tak pernah such thing happen to me and I didn’t suspect anything wrong with my pregnancy…no blood stain…no fall etc. She suspected that the foetus has already ‘dead’ for about a month and she was surprised that I did not feel anything. By right the dead foetus dah toxicate my blood. So she filled up and faxed the admission form to SJMC. The D & C was scheduled the next morning. By then I was already banjir with airmata coz really tak sangka it turned out to be the sad ending. The next morning I undergo the D & C. That was in end March 2001.

Alhamdulillah in January 2002, I was confirmed pregnant again. At that time I was still working with C**com in Jalan Ampang. Had a smooth pregnancy eventhough kena drive and sometimes took LRT to work. In April 2002 I took the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) which was offered to all staff and mine was among the approved ones. Before going separate ways, our department sempat lagi bersukaria di Genting Highlands during Indian Filmfare 2002. Watching the premiere of film apa-tak-ingat-dah-the-title which the lead actor was Amitabh Bachchan. Nasib baik dapat room free of charge. Dapat la bawak family.

Kalau ikut calculation, I was supposed to deliver on 3rd week of September. Since it was going to be another planned cesaerian, we chose the date 9 September as it is an easy date to remember. So there it goes. On that particular day, the 3.09 kg baby was born and we named her Noor ‘Adlina Hayani. As a baby Adlina tak banyak problem. Jarang sakit. The first time she had a fever when she was a year old. Managed to exclusively breastfed her till she was a year old. Then I got a new job in KL. She was sent to the nursery along with her 2 elder sisters. There goes the normal routine…the early morning trip to school, nursery, office, nursery, home.

She is the talkative type and sometimes jadi macam baby eventhough dah 7 tahun. VERY friendly…easily makes new friend even at public places and even with different language spoken…macam ayam dengan itik still boleh main. Tersangatlah mischieviousnya. Selalu hilang kat supermarket as she will be menonong sorang-sorang ke depan excitedly…now dah kurang la…we have to takut-takutkan dia…..kalau tidak memang ikut kepala dia mana dia nak pergi.

This year’s birthday is a special one sebab nombor dia cantik…..09.09.’09….tambahan pulak Adlina was born at exactly 9.00 am…..

So this morning Hariz and I went to her school and throw a simple party for her with her classmates. Just blow the candle and potong cake and makan with them as most of them are non-Muslims. Adlina pun tak nak puasa hari ni sebab nak makan kek dengan kawan-kawan…layan jelah….so here are some of the photos….

The cake

Some of her friends

Ready to blow the candle


With assistant class teacher

Happy birthday Adlina, semoga menjadi anak yang solehah and we love you always…


  1. well, it's going to be another 100 years for 09/09! happy birthday adlina. it is one of the most memorable events in her life.