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Sydney Trip - Day 1 (Delayed post:-D)

This trip took place in August 2014. Due to 'laziness', 'busyness', 'tiredness' & a lot of things I only manage to write it properly these few days. Just sharing with you guys who may need some tips on planning for trips to the places that we are unfamiliar with. I learned a lot in planning for this trip from blogs posted by other bloggers. It really saves my time, energy and money by doing my homework before travelling:

A few months ago my sister Khai alerted me that she might be on a few days work assignments to Hong Kong and Australia in the 2nd Quarter of 2014. As she is working in one of the renowned Telco company in Malaysia, she is in charged of both countries' accounts in her business unit. It is our dreams since we were small to visit other countries especially the 4-season countries, well I believe all of us have that dreams.

She went to Hong Kong sometime in May with her colleagues. And some time in July she told me that she'll be going to Sydney in August. I was so happy that she agreed to sponsor my flight ticket. The only thing I need is my hubby's permission. Alhamdulillah permission granted and to ease everything, my daughter Ika was on her semester break. At least I have somebody at home to cook and feed everybody....well that's the challenge of being a homemaker.

We 'fly' MAS on the night of 24 August 2014. Even though with the current situation in the aviation industry, the flight was almost 98% full. It was code sharing flight with KLM and Sri Lanka Airlines. With my back pain, it was quite bad after more than 5 hours without moving around. I hardly can sleep. After 8 hours flight, we reached Sydney Kingford's Airport at 10.00 am the following morning.

@Sydney Kingford's Airport

The box behind the coach is used to put luggages etc. 

It was quite sunny even though it was stated as rainy in the weekly weather forecast. Khai has already made online booking for the airport coach. It costs us AUD14 per person. The counter was just outside the arrival hall next to a bakery. We went out to wait for the coach. Due to the traffic, we only manage to board the coach after 1 hour waiting...

We checked-in at Meriton on Kent at around 12.30 pm. Khai booked a 1-bedroom apartment and we got the room at 45th floor. It was a clean and modern apartment complete with cooking utensils, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge and iron. After refreshing and solat, we went out to find some food as we have not taken our breakfast and lunch. We found a kebab store just across George Street. We bought 1 kebab (AUD8) and share the portion as it was quite big.

We intend to go to Paddy's Market to shop for souvenir as Khai will be busy with her appointment for the next 2 days. Reached Paddy's at around 3.00 pm. Went around and first we were tempted with a stall selling all kinds of nut and nougat. We settled with some quite a big size of macadamia and brazil nuts plus half kilos of pistachio and walnut nougat each.

When we were browsing some small souvenir items, we were greeted by an Indonesian young lady who manned the stall. That makes our purchase easier as it is easier to bargain and we got a good deal! ;-)
Apart from the souvenir, we also went to the wet market which sells vegetables, fruits, spices etc which is just next the souvenirs area. We were so happy to see those fresh and the size of the produces which are bigger than the ones we always see at supermarkets near our homes. Grabbed 3 punnets or strawberries at tastes sooo sweet.

T-Shirt for the boys

Pencil case

On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at Coles for some grocery shopping; eggs, bread, milk, butter, sugar and teabags. Had our simple dinner and we called it a day....

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