Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

Last weekend is quite a hectic weekend. On Saturday, had nasi lemak for breakfast…Kalau makan nasi lemak surely mengantuk and end up tidur sampai Zohor. After solat Zohor we (hubby, me, Hariz & Adlina) we went to Gramedia Bookstore @ D’Best to find some ‘kitabs’ which F**zi asked our favour look for. Managed to get a few out of the whole set and ordered the rest. Jalan-jalan sekejap and then off to CITOS (Cilandak Town Square). Gi makan roti canai at Malay Village Restaurant kat situ. It served Malay and Thai food. To me the roti canai and kari ayam met my expectations. Then F**zi called that he has checked out from the hotel and he was at Senayan City at that time. After beli barang-barang sikit, we all pun terus ke Senayan City to pass the kitab as his flight will be at 8.00 pm. We reached home at around Maghrib.

On Sunday hubby and I pegi beli ikan di Pasar Santa as usuallah. Reached home terus masak…menu for the day was Ayam Masak Sos and sayur campur goreng. Menu biasa je. Siap je masak hubby’s friend who is also Malaysian working with Petronas here, jemput datang makan-makan kat rumah dia. Went there after Zohor. Rupa-rupanya they lived not far from our house. They are in Cipete Selatan while we are in Cipete Utara. Cilok sana-sini ikut jalan dalam, in 15 minutes dah sampai. The wife (Zana) pun I have met before, once, at Anita’s house in March. Rozee and Mas were also there. Makan-makan, borak-borak , we reached home at 4.00 pm.

This morning baru had the opportunity to read Saturday’s and Monday’s newspapers. On Saturday’s, there was an article on first-class cab in the Jakarta Post. What is first class cab? It refers to helicopter taxi or helimousine. There are two operators for helimousine i.e. Air Pacific Utama and Derazona Air Service. With the mega traffic congestion and sometimes of bad flood, this service really needed especially by those important business people for whom time really is money. The best thing is they just go straight to the departure hall. The rate? Well it is a hefty US$1,550 per hour. But if you think of it, what is US$1,550 as compared to your billion dollar worth of contract. It is just a small hole in your pocket. Their pick-up points include some hotels and residential estates which are equipped with helipads. Heli taxis are also proved useful during emergency situations. Among others are the recent Situ Gintung dam tragedy and transferring critical patient from one part of Java to the other.

Another premium taxi services are the luxury Alphard and Mercedes C-Class operatd by Tiara Express and Silver Bird respectively. The Alphards are equipped with wireless internet (Wi-fi), a plug for charging mobile phones or laptops, and LCD screens. They are also equipped with GPS. The best thing is if we do not have enough cash to pay for the fare, we can pay it using credit or debit card. An Alphard can carry up to 6 passangers. So if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can do other things such as surfing the net or watching movies. Just topped up the fare above the normal taxi fare i.e. Rp5,000 per km plus Rp10,000 charge for flag fall (Alphard) and Rp4,5000 per kilometre plus RP7,500 for the flag fall (Mercedes).

Me? Have yet to try both services. Macam mahaaaal sangat…selalu guna the normal taxi Blue Bird je….

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