Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends Indeed

What la to write ye? Oh ya last month my dear friend N*ra came here with her hubby F**zi. Actually F**zi was on business trip as he is a businessman and N*ra biasalah will tagged along. So they were our first guests since we landed in Tanah Jawa last January. We have been friends quite long since 1987. I befriend N*ra when we were in I*UM Matriculation Centre in Subang Jaya. My hubby and F**zi were roommates in I*UM. They were our seniors. Sometimes we can’t believe that we got married among our friends. There are also our other 2 friends i.e. R*ro and An*. R*ro marry J*ta and An* marries E*at. My hubby, J*ta, E*at (my hubby & E*at were also schoolmates and hostel mates in VI) and S*zli were in the same batch in AUSMAT and studied in I*UM. Myself, R*ro and An* were from the same school (same batch) in one of the boarding schools in JB. Don’t ask how we got to know our husbands. It was not a planned one… it was a pure coincident. Among us, An* and E*jat got married first then R*ro, followed by N*ra then myself. S*zli joined the club later when he got married to L*nda who was also our junior at I*UM. Alhamdulillah, eventhough everybody are always busy with our duties as employees, parents, children and servant of Allah we still maintain close contact with each other. We normally gather at An* & E*jat’s house as they stay in Bangi near to S*zli’s and halfway journey for R*ro & J*ta who resided in Seremban. During hari raya we will make a round to each other’s house. Sometimes we go for short excursions with our families. Tersangatlah meriah sesekali berkumpul.
Well back to N*ra & F**zi’s visit, met them for dinner on their arrival at Boplo Gado-gado. Makan-makan then drive them back to hotel in Senayan. Then hubby and F**zi had their coffee session at the Coffee house while N*ra and I lepak kat bilik as Hariz dah tidur.

The next day our family accompanied them to ‘Brother Land’ (read: Tanah Abang) as N*ra nak beli tudung and such. Kalau dah sampai Tanah Abang tu tak sahlah kalau tak rambang mata dengan telekung bermacam corak & warna, blouses, jubah, etc etc. We spent the whole day at Tanah Abang. Sent them back to hotel and we had another round of drinks and makan-makan lagi at the coffee house. We never met them since raya so banyakla yang nak diborakkan. We left the hotel when it is almost Maghrib. Ini antara investment yang menarik perhatian Puan N*ra:

I fetched N*ra at the hotel at almost 11.00 am the next day. Our destination was Kuningan Mall as Cik Kak ni nak cari DVDs. Sampai sana tak sahlah kalau tak terpesona dengan benda-benda lain kan. DVDs dah dapat…habihlah jugak beratus ribu Rupiah. Boleh la tahan till the next visit kot. Tengah jalan-jalan, I got the call from the shopowner of the jubah outlet at Tanah Abang that jubah yang N*ra nak tu is available. So apalagi we went to Tanah Abang again. Macet la pulak. Tapi still manageable. Had lunch there and terus ke kedai jubah tu. We went back to the hotel by taxi and waved goodbye to each other as tomorrow they will fly back to Malaysia.

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