Monday, March 30, 2009

Nyepi and such.....

Dah 4 hari tak menjenguk to this blog of mine…well not much happening last week…Among others are:

Nyepi Holiday (26 March)
It was a public holiday over here. It was Nyepi Day celebrated by Hindus in Bali. During this day the Hindus are not allowed to set light and fire for the whole day. Even the domestic airport, Ngurah Rai was not in operation today but exception was given to the hotels in Bali as tourist flocking the island due to the public holiday. Please read here for the details.
Well, me? We went to Carrefour Lebak Bulus for the monthly grocery shopping. The ‘supir’ was on off day. Who to drive? Well dear hubby seperti biasa as Carrefour Lebak Bulus is one of the two hypermarkets we always go to apart from Giant Poin Square. We haven’t had the opportunity to explore more of Jakarta. Among other places we have gone to are, CITOS (Cilandak Town Square), Tanah Abang, Plaza Senayan, Makro Kg Rambutan, Cipadu (for bedspread shopping), ITC Fatmawati and PIM (Pondok Indah Mall) since we landed here on 10 January 2009. Maybe during this 2-week school hols we will see more of Jakarta and other places.

Back from Carrefour had lunch, KFC. Petang baru masak. Today’s menu Daging Bali as opposed to Tati’s Ayam Bali (thanks Tati for the delicious recipe) and Baby Kailan goreng. I’ve tried her Ayam Bali memang terangkat. Ni try using beef plak. Not bad jugak. Boleh try lagi… Ni dia:


After venturing ourselves to Pasar Santa @ Cipaku for ikan, daging, sayur, santan and other barang basah, off we went to MOI (Mall of Indonesia) @ Kelapa Gading. With the help of Jakarta map that we have, sampailah kami anak-beranak ke MOI. Nothing much to shout about sebab it is a new shopping centre and banyak kedai yang belum dibuka. The major tenants are Carrefour and Centro. But it has a good theme park for the children but lesser games if compared to Berjaya Times Square. Kira oklah untuk budak-budak main. Per game is Rp10,000 on everage and Rp25,000 for game yang mencabar sikit. Tak sempat explore the Mall sebab dah terlama kat the games. After that we all makan-makan at Bakoel Desa a Sundanese Restaurant. Boleh tahan la untuk perut yang lapart…The ayam goreng is nice. We left MOI at 4.00 pm and reached home at 5.30 pm. Enjoy the photos:

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